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Découvrez les vibromasseurs point G vendus sur

Vous êtes à la recherche d’un vibromasseur qui vous permette d’avoir un orgasme à chaque utilisation en stimulant votre point G ? Si c’est votre cas, vous devriez sans plus attendre jeter un œil aux nombreux modèles que le sexshop en ligne a sélectionnés pour vous. Lire la suite


Taillardat – furniture fit for a King!

French firm Taillardat ( produces top-quality items of furniture that draw on France’s longstanding tradition of craftsmanship and excellence in the field of luxury goods. The firm’s goal is to create furniture and seats in the spirit of the XVIIIth Century, taking inspiration from the world-famous Louis XV, XVI and XVIII styles.

Using the best materials and age-old techniques such as gilding, French polishing, patina laying and carving, Taillardat is able to recreate a full range of effortlessly opulent furniture items. Armchairs, desks, console tables, sofas, stools, chests of drawers – all form part of the collection and all will grace any living room, dining room or bedroom.

Many models are designed to complement contemporary settings and décors, meaning you don’t have to live in a palace to enjoy the experience of owning one of these timeless pieces.

The Chevigny style (see below) is available in four different models and seats either three or four people. Made from the finest beech wood, which is then carefully carved, and typically either waxed or painted, this model is inspired by the Louis XV look.
The Chevigny model is inspired by the look of the classic Louis XV sofa


Affected by allergies? DBV-Technologies can help!

Allergies are an increasingly common issue these days, with a whole range of foods being associated with anaphylactic reactions. Peanuts and other nuts are some of the main culprits, but fish, certain types of seafood and egg all represent a potential danger to adults and children alike. Why not consult this page to find out more about what can be done to ward off the danger posed by allergies? Lire la suite

Your flexible friend – quick and easy form creation with FormForAll

As anyone who needs to integrate a form into their website will tell you, many form-building solutions take as their motto ‘why make it simple when it can be complex’. Well, click here and you’ll find out how the FormForAll universal online form builder is different. For a start, there’s absolutely no need to be a whizzkid programmer or arch-geek to successfully develop your own form using this technology. Lire la suite

Is it snooker’s turn to become the next global sports superstar?

With increased leisure time, the global reach of television and the influence of the internet, it’s no wonder that people are taking up a greater variety of sports than ever before. Sports that previously were confined to certain geographical regions are moving into new territory and winning over new legions of fans. One example of this is snooker, which had previously been popular above all in the UK and Ireland and certain countries of the Commonwealth, like Canada and Australia. Now, however, China and other parts of the Far East are seeing a massive increase in interest in the game. Lire la suite


For nature and sports lovers, nothing is better than a cycling holiday in Poitou-Charentes, along the French Atlantic coasts which provides more than 100 km of cycling paths.

You can explore and visit the beautiful vineyard landscape of Ile de Re and of Ile d’Orléron and take a pause next to oyster beds and admire the picturesque colored huts of oystermen. Lire la suite

La nueva gama Tenga 3D ya disponible en

La gama de masturbadores Tenga 3D está compuesta por 5 modelos diferentes : el Polygon, el Pile, el Zen y el Spiral. Se trata de mangas masturbadoras muy suaves y flexibles. Gracias a estas caractéristicas se adaptan a todos los tamaños de pene. Esta gama tiene la particularidad de presentar un diseño muy moderno que destina estos modelos especialmente a aquellos que tienen reparo en comprarse un juguete sexual por su aspecto vulgar. Lire la suite