Riley – the championship table of choice

Some names are more familiar than others to the average snooker aficionado. One name that will always stand out, having been a key participant in multiple international snooker tournaments and championships in the 1990s and beyond is that of Riley. Established over 100 years ago, this manufacturer of quality snooker supplies – cues, billiards, pool and snooker tables – is the major player in the production of snooker and cue sports equipment. Multiple ingredients go into creating quality tables and cues, but as always, using the best raw material available is crucial.

This may entail sourcing the finest Rosewood for the construction of cues or using the best available Italian slate in the case of the tables. Naturally, the Riley online shop will leave customers spoilt for choice, with there being an extensive selection of tables to browse. There’s plenty of choice in all price ranges, but the quality of craftsmanship remains a constant, which is hardly surprising, given that this particular manufacturer has more than a century of practice under its belt! But quality doesn’t have to be at the expense of diversity. You can customize many high-end tables to suit your preferences with regards to wood finish, pocket and trim.



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